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The Elizabethan Era Through a Young Lady’s Eyes

VictorianElizabethI love it when younger women begin to demonstrate a love of history, particularly a love of the Elizabethan era. They often notice the differences between the treatment of women then and now. Take this article that I ran across in The Scranton Tribune today.

Before the young ladies of the South Side branch of the Young Women’s Christian association at the rooms last evening Miss Susan Dickinson delivered an address on the Elizabethean age. Miss Dickinson is a fluent and pleasing speaker, and held the attention of the cultured audience of young folks till the end.

Her remarks dealt with the manners and customs of people during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, England’s virgin ruler. The quaintness and oddity of wearing apparel and the confined limits of woman’s sphere during the queen’s reign were contrasted with the styles of today, and the extended latitude given to woman’s circle in this day.

Miss Dickinson was roundly applauded at various stages of her address. Her language at times bordered on the sublime and revealed the polished finish of an accurate and well informed historical scholar.

Did I mention that this article was written on June 5, 1894?

Source: “Miss Susan Dickinson Entertained a Well Attended Meeting,” The Scranton Tribune, June 5, 1894.


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