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The Tudor Tournament

Forget March Madness, this is the Home of the Tudor Tournament

Substitute the symbols of power for a basketball and tennis racket, and Queen Elizabeth would be one mean athletic machine.

Perhaps it was born out of great genius and inspiration. More likely, it was born out of a tendency to procrastinate while editing and of being soaked in the basketball culture of Lexington, Kentucky. At any rate, this year the Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page and the Semper Eadem blog will host the first ever Tudor Tournament, a battle of the wits between great 16th century survivors (and a few who, while they didn’t survive, certainly gave it their best effort). The competitors are many. They range from dynastic Kings and Queens, to loyal ladies-in-waiting, to rebels of all cares and creeds. Each day for a month, two competitors will face-off in head-to-head competition. Polls will open on The Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page on March 15. At the end of each day, a winner will advance to the next round.

Some competitors will be familiar. Others may have you checking your history books. At any rate, the Semper Eadem blog will help you to assess each match-up. On each day of voting, you may visit the blog to see a quick rundown of each participant. The following statistics/facts will be provided:

Dates for Competitor’s Life

Means of Death



In the event that the competitors knew one another and had interaction with one another (after all, some competitors will be from Henry VII’s time, others will be from Elizabeth I’s), I will also provide a little background on the competitors’ relationship. Are you ready for the madness? The official Tudor Tournament bracket will be released tomorrow!




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