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The Tudor Tournament

Release the Bracket!

UPDATE: for those who would like to participate for the title of “Tudor Tournament Champion” you may submit your brackets to me by 11:59pm EST on March 14th. Best of luck!

Yesterday, I announced that the Creation of Anne Boleyn and the Semper Eadem blog would run a Tudor-themed bracket where 16th century personalities would go head to head in a battle of survival and the wits. You can now find the bracket at challonge.com/tudortournament.

Now, for the inevitable questions. How did I decide who was added to the bracket? As silly as it may sound, I initially thought, “Sixty-four participants? I will be scrapping the bottom of the proverbial Tudor barrel to find enough people!” Uh, no. Potential candidates began seeping out of my brain as soon as I could put their name to paper. As the fairest approach I could fathom, I allotted each Tudor’s reign a particular number of participants. Some overlapped reigns (most obviously, in the late Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and early Elizabeth I eras). Some can only be found in a particular reign. At any rate, I hope you will judge it to be a fair allotment.

Next, I tried to determine who to include from each era. With only so many spots available, I was bound to miss some personalities. Additionally, I wanted to add participants that people might not be as familiar with, in an attempt to bulk our collective Tudor knowledge. So, you may not see your favorite listed here (although, the major players are primarily here). I initially did not place anyone in the bracket who was not in the inner Tudor circle, and then I thought, “You know, it is a sad and sorry day when Gerald FitzGerald, Robert Kett, Perkin Warbeck, and Robert Aske do not have one more chance to stick it to the Tudors.” So they were thrown in, too.

Finally, how did I decide who to match-up against one another? This was the most difficult decision. I thought of creating a “seed” situation, but I quickly realized that I could never decide how to rank these Tudor personalities (well, I could, but it would be highly biased). Next, I thought I would pit them in the order that they lived their lives – those born in the 1400s would take on those born in the late 1500s, but then I ran into the problem of having everyone in Mary’s and Edward’s reigns facing off against one another, which was what I hoped to avoid. At the end of the day, I decided, “I turn it to chance” and hit “random” on the bracket creator. Which worked EXCELLENTLY. I am very excited to see the winners of Thomas Cranmer vs. Jane Grey, Blanche Parry vs. Kat Ashley, Katherine of Aragon vs. Philip of Spain, and Mary I vs. Margaret Beaufort. The excitement is almost too much!

You’ll find kings, queens, loyal subjects, rebellious Englishmen, devout Englishwomen, Catholic and Protestant martyrs, and a few university men in the mix. We would love to see your own brackets on the Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page! Take a picture, or write in your winner! Each day beginning March 15, we will have a face-off on this blog. Winner claims bragging rights!



5 thoughts on “Release the Bracket!

  1. how does this work?

    Posted by Tracey Burdus | March 8, 2012, 3:22 pm
    • Hi Tracey, the bracket is basically for fun. You can go to http://challonge.com/tudortournament and print a copy of the bracket. Fill out the bracket with who you think will win each competition, and then follow along for fun! Each day on March 15, I will feature a competition between two Tudor personalities (the first are Nicholas Throckmorton and Mary Tudor, Queen of France) on this blog. There will be a poll for you to pick that day’s winner. I will post the winner at the end of each day. You can share who you think will win each match on either the blog or on the Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page.

      Posted by thecreationofanneboleyn | March 8, 2012, 3:30 pm
  2. Mary I vs. Margaret Beaufort is going to be a fun. As you said can’t wait to see who wins that.

    Posted by Elean | March 8, 2012, 3:27 pm


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