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The Elizabethan Era Through a Young Lady’s Eyes

I love it when younger women begin to demonstrate a love of history, particularly a love of the Elizabethan era. They often notice the differences between the treatment of women then and now. Take this article that I ran across in The Scranton Tribune today. Before the young ladies of the South Side branch of … Continue reading

Where in the USA are the Tudors? (Answer: Everywhere)

During the second week of July, I spent a week in Washington, D.C. The first part of the trip was spent packing up a traveling exhibit on Abraham Lincoln and the technology of war for its return trip to Tennessee, but the second part of the week was spent doing my favorite thing in the … Continue reading

The Sisters Tudor: An Evolution in Evaluating Mary I and Elizabeth I

Originally posted on The Creation of Anne Boleyn:
The following post is from Natalie Sweet, research assistant to Susan Bordo. She is the creator of Semper Eadem: An Elizabeth I Blog, and is currently at work on a book project that focuses on life within Abraham Lincoln’s White House (you can read a sample of…

An Evolving Process: Historians Evaluate Elizabeth I and Mary I

Originally posted on Semper Eadem:
The following is taken from a  piece I wrote in 2008, Two Tudor Monarchs: Analyzing Queenship in Early Modern England. It will be the beginning of a series on how interpretations of Elizabeth I affected how Mary I has been studied, and vice versa. Please do not copy or quote…

News to Make an Elizabethan Fangirl’s Whovian Hearts Beat Wildly

As many of you who follow this blog or my Twitter feed know, I not only have a deep love for all things Elizabethan, but I’m also deeply attached to the BBC’s Doctor Who (thank you, PBS in the US for showing reruns of Fourth Doctor episodes in my youth!). If you have been following … Continue reading

Happy 480th, Your Majesty!

Had she possessed the DNA of a demigod or taken a dip in the fabled Fountain of Youth, Queen Elizabeth I would have celebrated her 480th birthday today. Looking for a way to mark the occasion? Why not take a stroll through our blog posts that are related to Elizabeth’s birth? What Ye Myght Be … Continue reading

Did Elizabeth have more than just “the heart and stomach of a king”? Part III, or “The Danger of (Only) Supposing in Non-Fiction”

By 1909, Bram Stoker was twelve years removed from the publication of Dracula. In the time in-between, he wrote numerous fictional and non-fiction works. Both of these genres influenced his writing of Famous Imposters, a fact he readily admitted in his preface: The author…whose largest experience has lain the field of fiction, has aimed at … Continue reading

Did Elizabeth have more than just “the heart and stomach of a king”? Part II

As many of you know, news about the release of a new book by Steve Berry has been making the rounds throughout the internet. The buzz is in no small part thanks to the the Daily Mail‘s subtle article title, “Is this proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? Shocking new theory about Elizabeth … Continue reading

Did Elizabeth Have More than Just “the Heart and Stomach of a King”? Part I

Well, my hand has finally been forced. When I first began this blog, I wrote a post about one day addressing all of the myths that surrounded Elizabeth I. Particularly, I promised that I would cover the rumor that she was really a man. I promised and promised that I would get around to it, … Continue reading

12 Days of Tudor Reviews: Women in Early Modern England

The history of women in early modern England is no small subject.  However, Sara H. Mendelson and Patricia Crawford tackled the formidable topic in their 1998 book Women in Early Modern England: 1550-1720.  The authors’ collaborative effort began in the early 1980s, a time when feminist histories gained popularity.  Noting that most studies then focused … Continue reading

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