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This Day in History: January 29, 1536 – Anne Boleyn’s Miscarriage

Warning: The following article contains sixteenth century medical descriptions concerning miscarriage that may be unsettling to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Elizabeth I’s life might have turned out very differently if today’s events in 1536 had not occurred. For on January 29, 1536, Anne Boleyn miscarried what was thought to be a male child. … Continue reading

Up For Auction: 1602 Document with Elizabeth’s Signature

Up for auction at Skinner Auctions in Boston next month is a 1602 document signed by Elizabeth I. Truly, the signature is magnificent, as it fills almost as much of the page as the document itself. But why would Elizabeth have signed her name at such a scale? We cannot really be certain of the … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: The Need of a Wet Nurse for Elizabeth

An excerpt from this note comes from the thesis “To Trust Man of that Nation”?: Degeneration, James FitzGerald, and Elizabethan Mercy in Ireland by Natalie Sweet Nursing one’s own infant was just not something that noblewomen did in the 16th century. Certainly, their less-wealthy sisters might have fed their own young, but status demanded a … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: The Role of the Ladies Who Attended Anne

On August 19th, 1533, George Tayllour wrote to the Lady Lisle that, “The King and Queen are in good health and merry. On Thursday next they will come by water from Windsor to Westminster, and on Tuesday following to Greenwich, where the Queen intends to take her chamber.” (Letters and Papers, Henry VIII) The 19th … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: Consulting the Stars for Elizabeth’s Birth

As September 1533 approached, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn expected that a prince would soon be born. Announcements of a prince’s arrival were drawn up ahead of time, but an extra “s” had to be added to Elizabeth’s birth announcement to proclaim the birth of a princess. Henry’s confidence was based on no less than … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: “Playing Too Much the Queen” in the Victorian Era

On the Victorian stage, playwright W.G. Hole’s Elizabeth I voiced her fear that she “play[ed] too much the queen,” and demanded of her suitor,  “do you still hold me a woman?”[1]  Indeed, her question was one that many Victorians grappled with in the late nineteenth century.  While their fondness for bestowing Elizabeth with majesty and … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: The Way to the Daughter’s Heart is Through…

In my last note, I suggested that Anne might have been discussed and commemorated by Elizabeth’s courtiers more than we now assume. I base this on two reasons: first, even if Anne was only occasionally mentioned in the official records of Elizabeth’s court, we have little knowledge of what was said in private. Certainly, Elizabeth … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: What Do We Know of Elizabeth’s Thoughts of Anne?

Yesterday, we discussed what Elizabeth might have been told by others about Anne Boleyn. While it was clear that there were many who would not have passed on fond memories of Anne to Elizabeth, it was equally clear that there were those who probably shared positive recollections of the Queen. Among them was Matthew Parker, … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: As a Child, What was Elizabeth Told About Her Mother?

Turn on the final episode of Season 2 of The Tudors, and you will watch a very sad scene of a young Elizabeth realizing that her status in the world has fallen. As Lady Margaret Bryan reorganizes the household to accommodate Elizabeth’s new position in the world, she notes, “The world is a slippery place, … Continue reading

Anne and Elizabeth: August 7, 1533

The following post was originally shared on Susan Bordo’s Facebook page, The Creation of Anne Boleyn On August 7, 1533, Anne Boleyn was a month away from giving birth to her first child, Elizabeth. While not the sought-after-prince Henry desired, Elizabeth would eventually become one of the most recognized monarchs in world history, the Queen … Continue reading

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