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Did Elizabeth Have More than Just “the Heart and Stomach of a King”? Part I

Well, my hand has finally been forced. When I first began this blog, I wrote a post about one day addressing all of the myths that surrounded Elizabeth I. Particularly, I promised that I would cover the rumor that she was really a man. I promised and promised that I would get around to it, … Continue reading

Elizabeth I: Rebel?

In a recent survey of 2000 individuals, Elizabeth I was named Britain’s greatest female rebel. Her father, Henry VIII, was named the greatest male rebel, a dubbing that has puzzled more than a few, and which has garnered far more discussion. Pundits can easily discern why the public might view him as such: he did … Continue reading

Up For Auction: 1602 Document with Elizabeth’s Signature

Up for auction at Skinner Auctions in Boston next month is a 1602 document signed by Elizabeth I. Truly, the signature is magnificent, as it fills almost as much of the page as the document itself. But why would Elizabeth have signed her name at such a scale? We cannot really be certain of the … Continue reading

New Magazine Features Story on Elizabeth I

This fall, National Geographic released a new magazine, Exploring History. Although she did not feature as the cover story (that place of prominence belongs to Abraham Lincoln), Elizabeth I appears in two different sections of the magazine. Her first appearance is in the fall historical events section, which details her birth on September 7, 1533, … Continue reading

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