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Did Elizabeth have more than just “the heart and stomach of a king”? Part II

As many of you know, news about the release of a new book by Steve Berry has been making the rounds throughout the internet. The buzz is in no small part thanks to the the Daily Mail‘s subtle article title, “Is this proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? Shocking new theory about Elizabeth … Continue reading

Did Elizabeth Have More than Just “the Heart and Stomach of a King”? Part I

Well, my hand has finally been forced. When I first began this blog, I wrote a post about one day addressing all of the myths that surrounded Elizabeth I. Particularly, I promised that I would cover the rumor that she was really a man. I promised and promised that I would get around to it, … Continue reading

Forsooth, A Tooth

Occasionally, Elizabethan truths sound so ludicrous that most people believe the tale is a myth. Such is the tale of Elizabeth I and her rotten tooth. The story goes that Elizabeth was so frightened of the pain of having a tooth removed that Bishop Aylmer offered to have one of his teeth extracted to demonstrate … Continue reading

Elizabeth I: Cougar?

I began today with every intention of addressing the rumor that Elizabeth I was really a man. My attention was soon drawn elsewhere once I came across an article on Forbes titled “The Cougar Relationship: Making it Work”: Demi and Ashton are hardly the first “cougar couple.” Back in 1976, John Travolta was in a … Continue reading

Rumors, Rumors, Everywhere, and Many Drops to Drink

Susan recently asked me if I could, off the top of my head, delve into some rumors about Elizabeth. Could I ever! Just as with Anne Boleyn, there are so many fantastical stories about Elizabeth swirling about, I have a difficult time pinpointing which tales I would like to tackle first. Shall I discuss the … Continue reading

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