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Mary, Queen of Scots vs. Reginald Pole AND Thomas Wolsey vs. Francis Drake

The Margarets won the day in the last Tudor Tournament, with both Margaret Pole and Margaret Tudor moving on to the second round of competition. Today, Margaret Pole’s son faces off against Margaret Tudor’s granddaughter, and Francis Drake challenges Thomas Wolsey. Who will you vote for in today’s match-ups? Mary, Queen of Scots vs. Reginald … Continue reading

Katherine Howard vs. Margaret Pole AND Margaret Tudor vs. Robert Devereux

Only a week’s worth of first-round competition remains. Beginning next week, the Tudor Tournament will move far more rapidly, with Round Two being conducted over two days, and the remaining Rounds taking place in a single day. All of today’s contestants are fairly well-known – who will you choose? Katherine Howard vs. Margaret Plantagenet Katherine … Continue reading

Robert Kett vs. Robert Cecil

On Friday,¬† Guildford Dudley advanced to the second round of the Tudor Tournament. A tie at midnight led to the poll remaining open for Edward Courtenay and Gerald FitzGerald, but by the end of Saturday, FitzGerald slipped by Courtenay with one additional vote. Today’s contest is a showdown between two very different Roberts: who will … Continue reading

Edward Courtenay vs. Gerald FitzGerald AND John de la Pole vs. Guildford Dudley

Henry VII defeated Anne of Cleves in our last match-up, while Henry FitzAlan passed by Thomas Seymour. If today’s contestants entered a high school superlative race, they would likely compete for the prize of “most likely to be accused of treason.” Read on to find out why! Battle of the Earls: Edward Courtenay vs. Gerald … Continue reading

Henry VII vs. Anne of Cleves AND Thomas Seymour vs. Henry FitzAlan

Last week, Christopher Hatton and Arthur Tudor moved on to the second round of competition while Henry Stafford and Nicholas Ridley were knocked out of the contest. Our first Tudor Tournament match-up for this week comes down to some big names in 16th century English history: Henry VII takes on Anne of Cleves and Thomas … Continue reading

Henry Stafford vs. Christopher Hatton AND Nicholas Ridley vs. Arthur Tudor

Yesterday’s results were very close, with John Morton barely edging out Edward VI, and Thomas More sliding by Jane Seymour. Today’s contest features a mixed-bag of participants. Without any further ado, the match-ups for your voting pleasure! Master Plotter vs. the Queen’s Favorite: Henry Stafford vs. Christopher Hatton Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham Date: … Continue reading

Edward VI vs. John Morton AND Jane Seymour vs. Thomas More

Anne Askew outlasted Hugh Latimer in yesterday’s poll, and Margaret Beaufort achievied a decisive victory over her great-granddaughter, Mary I. Today’s contestants are no less formidable – King and Queen (and mother and son) take on Cardinal and Lord Chancellor (and mentor and mentee). King vs. Cardinal: Edward VI vs. John Morton Edward VI, By … Continue reading

Hugh Latimer vs. Anne Askew AND Margaret Beaufort vs. Mary I

Today’s match-ups are epic. So epic, in fact, that I am already regretting the decision to have two competitions running each day. I am also controlling the urge to endlessly type about some of the participants – there is much to say about all of them. But that is what books are for, and a … Continue reading

The Tudor Tournament Returns!

After a lengthy hiatus, the Tudor Tournament has returned as the Olympic flame burns brightly in London! A number of competitions have already taken place, with Mary Tudor (Queen of France), Jane Grey, Stephen Gardiner, Catherine of Aragon, Francis Walsingham, John Dudley, Anne Stanhope, and Anne Boleyn making it to the second round of competition. … Continue reading

Thomas Wriothesley vs. Richard Cox

Yesterday’s vote between Anne Boleyn and John Cheke was an exciting one, with more people than ever voting for their favorite contestant! At midnight, Anne Boleyn came away with the majority of the vote, and she will advance to the next round of competition. Both of today’s competitors managed to hold onto their heads, even … Continue reading

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